The Road to Ouray

July 26, 2018 - We left Durango and headed north on the San Juan Skyway.  This was a 223 mile mountain tour taking in the picturesque towns of Silverton, Ouray, Telluride, and several small Colorado towns worth slowing down for.  We knew it would be a fun drive snaking along the side of the mountain on roads with no guardrails (for snow plowing) and sheer drop offs.  

I can’t recall the number of pull outs we stopped at to take photos of the wonderful vistas and scenery along the drive.  As we approached Silverton we were delightfully surprised by the sudden appearance of Silverton far below and over the cliff we drove along.  At the bottom we had to stop off and drive through the preserved downtown section of this historic and remarkable town.  With time on our hands we easily found a place to park Chappy and hopped out for a walking tour down Greene Street.  We saw that most of the parking places in town was occupied by a side by side all terrain vehicle some which definitely had space age shapes and sounds.  There were several shops and restaurants one Greene as well as on Blair, one block south.  There were quite a few people on the streets and the town felt very alive.  Suddenly, we saw a stagecoach with horses.  Chase also saw them and he almost went into a conniption.  We whisked him away quickly and walked in the opposite direction.  It was time to move on anyway to get on to our destination.  On we went through Red Mountain Pass to Ouray.  

Coming into Ouray we encountered the road going down to one lane.  When it was time for us to go through the construction area it was apparent the other lane had given loose and fell down the hill during the last rock slide.  Not surprising for we were going through an area against the mountain with narrow lanes and no guardrails!  

We arrived at the J+J+1+1 campground which was within walking distance to the main street downtown area.  We got hooked up and took Chase out for a poop and pee run then put the little guy down in front of the TV tuned in to the PBS station and snuck out to see the town.  After a while you can’t remember which little Colorado town is more charming and Ouray certainly was.  It was surrounded on all sides with high mountain walls some seeming vertical for hundreds of feet. The architecture on the main street was late 19th and early 20th century and there were plenty of places to shop and eat. 2018