Taos and Santa Fe

May 22, 23, 2018 - The drive to taos was very scenic with views of snow capped mountain peaks and fertile valleys.  We were driving on the Enchanted Circle Drive and when we turn to the south at Eagle Nest we saw they had fairly large American flags attached to wooden poles which were wired to iron T-posts in the ground.  This went on for miles almost to Angel Fire where we turned west for the final miles into Taos. I suppose the flags were for the motorcycle rally.  

As we came closer to Taos we passed the campground we had used the September before when we stayed two nights playing in Taos.  We drove straight to the large parking lot in town and dusted off and hopped out with Chase to walk around the square and up and down a few gallery streets.  Once again, Chase the wonder dog saved us a lot of money because we can’t take him in most of the galleries.  Even if he’s in a pet friendly gallery he wants to meet (or eat) any other animals he sees.  We did some window shopping and took turns sitting with the kid while the other one goes into a shop.  After a while we meandered back to the camper and found it to be completely intact.  There were a few other suspicious looking vehicles one from Michigan with the trunk open and a sign asking for help.  It was a guy and his wife, he was singing and playing a guitar and she was fiddling with something standing in front of the car.  

We pulled out and started down alongside the Rio Grande towards Santa Fe.  There were several casinos along the route offering seafood buffets for a fabulous price but in small print it said you had to be a golden card member.  We tried to locate a public dog park in Santa Fe so we could let the wild child run and stomp but the GPS directions took us to an area where it was going to be impossible to park and we never did see the park we were looking for.  

It was a pretty good drive through town and I’m sure there were some other sights we could have taken in if better prepared.  We then headed for Santa Fe Skies, a nice looking RV resort with some interesting features.  The storm that had been following us since we left Red River was about to drop some rain as we arrived and the staff was nice and accommodating and quickly checked us in.  Our site was nice with a good sized concrete patio complete with iron table and chairs.  We quickly plugged in and hooked up water and waited for a storm.   

We got a little rain but it was short and sweet.  The skies all around us were dark and looming and you could see heavy rain off in the distance.  Fortunately we didn’t get any of the bad stuff.  I decided to take Chase to the dog park and let him roam a little.  He enjoyed sniffing every single corner of the fenced in area which was larger than most dog runs.   Once we left the dog park Chase had to sniff most everything else in between there and our camper.  The rest of the evening was relaxing and comfortable as we sat back and watched aerial tv.  

The next morning we planned to use the shower facilities and then drive to the nearest Sonic for a breakfast bourito. I took Chase for a walk trying to avoid all the other folks walking their dogs that early in the morning.  The dog park was occupied as we started out but on the way back I noticed it was about to become vacant and  I guided Chase that way.  We got in the fenced area and I unhooked the leash and he took off with his full coverage harness on to sniff the area.  After long deliberation Chase finally found the perfect place to put his poop.  I stayed clear until he finished and then went over to pick it up when I noticed an older fellow with a cup of coffee in one hand and a dog on a leash in the other approaching the gate.  I assumed he’d wait or just bring his dog in and take it off leash and let em go but instead he came into the dog park and held his leash in one hand and coffee in another.  Chase moved in quickly to meet the new animal and I was all the way on the other end of the park.  I headed toward the gate and greeted the other fellow and his female dog a good sized grey dog that may have had some Weimaraner in it.  Chase was already on the snoop checking out the other dog and once he determined it was female he began making inappropriate advances and in the matter of a split second she had Chase by the throat and pinned to the ground and he was wailing so loudly James heard him back at the camper.  I immediately got on the ground and grabbed the other dog’s jaws and punched it in the sides with my elbow until it let loose of Chase’s neck and it immediately grabbed him again this time by his harness.  I tried to curl Chase into my chest and kept elbowing and pushing the other dog until it finally tore loose.  The sound was horrifying as it sounded like the teeth ripping apart his of skin.  Once I had Chase safe in my arms and gave the attacking dog one more good punch I stood up and checked Chase over and he seemed ok.  He was bleeding a little from his ear and a few places on his neck but it was mostly superficial with no puncture wounds or tears as I had feared.  I was relived.  By this time the other guy had collected his dog and had moved away from the battle zone to enjoy the rest of his coffee.  I went back to the camper and we examined Chase closely once again and he seemed fine.  It could have been much worse.  We unplugged and headed for a Sonic.  Today’s trip would be longer than previous days as we were headed for Palo Duro Canyon but we were ready for the road.  

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