Palo Duro Canyon 

May 23, 24, 25, - 2018 Palo Duro Canyon was a good five hour drive from Santa Fe and we decided to dead head it which to us meant drive without stopping except for diesel.  

We did make one exception and stopped to see Cadillac Ranch again.  When we arrived the wind was up and there was a large piece of equipment turning the dirt nearby and dust was blowing in all directions.  As we got closer to the sculpture we smelled spray paint and noticed just about everyone around the cadillacs was spray painting graffiti on them.  We turned around and started walking back to Chappy.  On the way back to the interstate ramp we noticed an interesting RV campground with three 1950’s vintage caddillacs displayed as sculptures.  

Next we stopped at a Walmart to stock up on supplies for two days in Palo Duro Canyon.  By the time we rolled into Palo Duro it was afternoon and the heat was on. We drove through the entire park and pointed out and reminisced where we’ve been and when and so on.  We got to our campsite and found it to just right as there really are no bad sites in the canyon.  We plugged in and unloaded the chairs and spoke to the folks next door who were from Albuquerque and had been there for a few days.  We saw them several different times and even stood and talked a few times and never did exchange names.  They had mentioned “fake news” in one conversation and we felt we didn’t need to get to know them better for I’d probably make some kind of liberal statement and offend them.

The next morning we got up and had breakfast and took off for a short hike.  We walked along a creek running through the canyon all the way to the next campground which was the one we stayed in the time before.  On the way back we found a cool cave.  James started putting together a crock pot creation and I soaked in the heat.  I remembered just a day or so before while we were in the cool cool mountains of Colorado  I had commented that I longed for the Texas heat.  That longing went away quickly that day.  It got really Texas hot and stayed that way while we were there.  We processed ok the two days we were there but were ready to get rolling when the time came.  

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