On the Road Again

July 15, 2018 - After a few weeks at home things got a little boring and to be honest we just got too damn Hot!  Off we go to cooler Colorado!  James had polished and shined Chappy and the inside was ready to go.  We headed out with a destination of Stillwater, Oklahoma for our first night on the road.  The itinerary called for two long haul days (we consider anything over 200 miles a long haul) and we were pretty sure the heat would follow us to at least the first three stopovers before we get to Estes Park.  The drive to Stillwater took us up highway 75 for a little while then we hit the two lane highways running through the Oklahoma countryside.  

As we rolled into Stillwater we had a desire for Long John Silvers which was held over from the last adventure.  We pulled into the parking lot and it was empty as if the place were closed so I parked to go investigate when we both saw a Freddies across the street.  We had a leftover desire for a Freddies custard shake as well and it immediately over powered the Long John Silver desire.  Moments later we were miserable and it lasted pretty much the rest of the evening. 

 We drove around some and discovered Oklahoma State University campus and checked it out.  It was impressive but a little monochromatic as every single building old and new was built with the same brick.  Even the agriculture barn.  School was out so there was no football practice to watch or swim meet to attend.  We headed out to Sunset Ridge RV Park on the west side of town.  

I had called for appointments everywhere except this first night because I knew nobody in their right mind would be camping out in 100 degree weather.  When I called the lady said I’d better go ahead and reserve so I went along.  She emailed our assigned site number and said she had to go pick her kid up at School.  When we pulled in the park there was only two sites open, everything else was occupied.  Good thing I called as two other rigs pulled in and had to keep going.  

We pulled in and plugged up and went inside and it was still hot.  Our Freddies treat and the heat combined were almost intolerable.  It was going to be an all night air conditioner night.  Ugh.  At least we could pick up a little TV so we settled in and suffered by going to bed with no dinner!  We couldn’t eat a thing.  

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