Into Colorado

July 17, 2018 - The drive from Dodge City to Colorado was pretty uneventful.  It was another 270 mile run across the wide open plains of Kansas on into Colorado on which the last 100 miles or so was interstate.  When we crossed the state line we meant to say “Toto we’re not in Kansas anymore” but we sailed on past forgetting to say the phrase.  

As we rolled into Limon KOA we got in line with two other RVs and one fell in behind us to register for the night.  Inside were two ladies processing everyone as they arrived and the wait was short and sweet.  We pulled into our assigned spot and plugged in then I took the Kid to the dog park for a visit.  As usual he sniffed everything and peed in the same place about 10 times.  

As we got settled in you could see a pretty good sized storm brewing off to the west.  It looked far enough away and the radar showed it to be diminishing so we didn’t worry much about it. We were on the open prairie about 90 miles east of Denver and the mountains so there was not much scenery besides the distant storm.  We sat out and watched the people arrive one by one.  Big rigs and small rigs and tents and trailers they filed in.  Then came a small toyota pickup with New York Plates and inside were Bernie and Mary Lou.  They pulled up in the site next to ours and began to unload a tent and a cooler from the back of the truck where also sat a bicycle made for two.  Bernie started putting up the tent and Mary Lou un packed the items they’d need for the evening.  I spoke to Bernie to be friendly and he spoke back telling me about how they’d been on the road for two months camping in this small tent of theirs and had been all the way to Oregon and were on their way back home to up state New York.  They were nice enough people but they sure liked to talk about themselves.  

I had some corn to shuck and as we watched the radar it kept looking like some rain may come our way so I got along with the shucking.  When I went to throw the corn husks in the garbage there was Bernie laying out their tent and he said “Im either crazy or I’m getting things done” all the while assuring me he had a plan.  I went back to shave the corn and then went inside to prep for dinner  which was fried corn and heating up one of the hamburger steaks from the night before.  

We were ready for the evening and decided to have a well earned cocktail in “our” common area.  meanwhile here comes Bernie and Mary Lou offering beer.  We showed them our drinks and thanked them and they visited for a few minutes asking if we knew where a store was as they needed to go out to pick something up for dinner.  James immediately looked up on his phone and told them where to go for groceries.  

About fifteen minutes after Bernie and Mary Lou left the skies opened up over the campground and gave us a good dousing.  A little while after the squall had passed Bernie and Mary Lou came driving up and assessed the situation.  He pulled the tent back together while she checked everything else out  and they were good for the evening! 

IMG 2704
IMG 2709 2018