Into Blue Spruce at Vellecito Reservoir

July 23rd, 2018 - The weather was perfect as we loaded in at Creede for the quick trip over to Blue Spruce where two of our old friends from Dallas were with David’s sister.  We were to meet another couple from Denver who come to this park every year and just kind of hang out and and have food feasts.  We were in for three nights.  It was fun getting to know new people and we had the privilege of one special lady who bears her soul in her music.  Our time there was fun and entertaining and we realized developing friendships like these was what it was all about.  There is so much more entertainment and drama in the three days at Blue Spruce that it only bears repeating at campfires with each other or another appropriate occasion.  

I got to fly my drone a little along a creek that flowed into Vellecito Reservoir and took some good pics of the reservoir from a few miles up the canyon.  I didn’t try to film the campground as it was a little windy in the canyon and I couldn’t keep the aircraft in sight.  Everyone enjoyed the flight particularly the technical guys in the group. 

We’re awful about being social so we awkwardly left on the final day and exchanged emails and well wishes all the while relishing in the fun we had with these new friends and old friends. 2018