Glen Canyon Natural Bridge Bears Ears

May 18, 19, 2018 - With the big five behind us we set out with a destination of Monticello, Utah.  The route Mel Tell-Us gave us was along Utah 24 back through Capital Reef past the petroglyphs and orchards then picking up the Dirty Devil River running parallel along side it to Utah 95 swinging south and then north to get around  the vastness of Canyonlands National Park. We  eventually crossed the Dirty Devil River it as it flowed south through box canyons and white canyons with ever changing shapes and colors.  The Dirty Devil joined in with the Colorado River as we entered Glen Canyon and we drove through even more unending beauty.  We were at the top of the Grand Staircase Escalante driving through what once was and some of what now is Grand Staircase Escalante National Recreational Area.  Further along we drove through Glen Canyon National Recreational Area and then came to Natural Bridges National Monument where we stopped and had lunch.  We could actually see and take pics of three of the bridges but the better views were when you hiked in to a good vantage point.  We could not take Chase on the non-paved trails for national parks fear the  impact on wildlife.  Leaving him in the camper for just an hour or so is out of the question, especially when other people are around.  Our lunch was overlooking a white canyon with unusual shapes and formations popping up from the ground.  

As we puled out of Natural Bridges SP we came face to face with a familiar formation known as Bear’s Ears.  This was another national recreational area which had been recently reduced by 85% by Donald Trump “to give it back to the people” so it could be mined by private companies…  We then  headed on toward Blanding which was the first real town we had seen since leaving Capital Reef.  Overnight was in Monticello, Utah at the Mountain View RV Park.  Mountain View was nice enough, our lot was bigger than everybody else’s because we had a smaller footprint.  This park was praised for its brand new bathrooms and they were really something.  

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