Glen Canyon National Recreational Area

May 13, 14, 2018 - The drive from The Grand Canyon to Glen Canyon National Recreational Area took us southeast a while as we traveled around the Little Colorado River Gorge.  We then headed north east along Highway 89 driving alongside a small mountain range in a desert type environment.  Traffic was light so we took our time and a few hours later we rolled into Page Arizona.  Just beyond Page we crossed in front of the Glen Canyon Dam and then came to the recreational area.  When I made reservations I didn’t realize the campground was a part of the national recreational area but we quickly found out it was.  The Glen Canyon Recreational Area consists of 1.25 million acres surrounding Lake Powell, the second largest man made water reservoir behind Lake Mead.  The scenery around Lake Powell is beautiful with mountains and protrusions that will invigorate any geologists curiosity.  We drove around the paved areas as much as we could then set up camp for the night.  The blue waters of the lake as seen from our campsite were peaceful and calming.  Off in the distance we could see what appeared to be a three unit power plant probably burning coal.  There was also a natural monument which was shaped like Devil’s Tower in Montana.  We found our way to the showers which were coin operated and cleaned up for the evening.  James cooked a delicious Trader Joe’s entree and we called it a day.  

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