Durango and Vallecito Reservoir 

May 19, 20, 2018 - We left Monticello mid morning without breakfast hoping to find something on the way out of town or at least in the first hour.  We did come upon a quaint little cafe just in time for biscuits and gravy.  We then drove on past Chimney Rock National National Monument on into Durango entering the mountains slowly but surely.  We stopped in Durango and picked up some essentials then continued on to Blue Spruce RV park on the Vallecito Reservoir another 30 miles out of town in a remote community.  The people there were friendly enough so we backed right on in to our cozy little “premium” lot which costs $4 extra.  The weather was ideal.  Nice and cool with a nice feel of humidity at 10,000 feet.  It had kinda rained on the way into this campground so we had to implement wet conditions mode by covering the zero gravity chairs and placing them somewhere out of the way and just a few other extra steps to keep things dry(ish).  Blue Spruce was a nice park and it was a quiet time with only one set of revelers from a tiny cabin area.  It broke up early enough.  We did have cable so we watched a little TV.  There’s always a Will and Grace episode on cable.  We had bought some steaks earlier in Durango with plans to grill those babies and eat em up.  When we got to the RV park we discovered they too had a burn ban on and we couldn’t burn wood or charcoal.  We fried those babies on the grill plate and chomped with bake taters.  

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