Dodge City Kansas

July 16, 2018 - The Sonic was only 2.8 miles in the wrong direction but it was a tradition.  We love their breakfast burritos and they are just enough to get you down the road.  Today’s journey is 272 miles to an old west town famous for the TV show Gunsmoke and Marshall Matt Dillon.  In actuality it was a wild west town back in the day known for the Santa Fe Trail and once home to Bat Masterson and  Wyatt Earp as lawmen and lots of indian activity.  

On the route to Dodge City was the Kansas town of Medicine Lodge.  This is where in 1867 the USA signed treaties with the Kiowa, Comanche, Plains Apache, Southern Cheyenne, and Southern Arapaho.  This put an end to indian uprisings for the most part and the town remained famous for the treaties and still celebrates the event today.  A 

The drive to Dodge City was again on all two lane highways across northern Oklahoma and into Kansas.  The heat was still with us and we were smart enough to start the generator as the heat peaked in the afternoon and run the rooftop air conditioning in addition to the vehicle dash unit.  This made a cool environment upon arrival.  We did a quick drive through town and drove down Wyatt Earp  Boulevard then on to our campsite at Fort Dodge RV Resort.  

The campground was pretty new and it was well laid out within walking distance to downtown and Boot Hill.  A landscaping crew was set up right next to our campsite with two zero turn mowers and a push mower, none of which were operating.  The crew was two men and one woman and they were all three sitting in one of the campground shelters with the two riding mowers.  Finally the woman set out on one of the riders and started mowing while the other two sat in the shade.  When they did get out from under the shelter they would walk right through our campsite as if they were in charge of the place.  We walked Chase around and got him drained and emptied and went back inside the camper and waited for evening when it might be a bit cooler.  

Storms were popping up all around Dodge City making for some interesting views of the clouds and such.  The outflow from the storms sent a cool breeze through the campground so we lowered all the shades in the van and locked Chase inside so we could walk to Front Street and see Dodge.  We strolled past a zoo and a waterpark which were all part of the Fort Dodge development our campsite was in and crossed the RR tracks into town.  We first came upon Boot Hill, the commercial version which required an entry fee.  We skipped that for it looked like a make shift collection store fronts meant to imitate the frontier town.  We walked to Front Street and along the covered sidewalks past restaurants and gift shops and up a few side streets to find a normal looking town.  There were a few older buildings which we took pics of and the old train station which was interesting.  We then headed back to the camper to check on the kid.  He was fine and rested when we returned.  

We had picked up some strips on our last stop and some pre-pressed hamburgers and James cooked them all so we’d have some things for the next two nights.  They’ll keep nicely in the fridge.  The strips were good and we watched some television and called it an evening. 

The next morning we found our favorite Sonic breakfast and took a quick driving tour of town then we got the hell out of Dodge!  

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