Creede, Colorado

May 20, 21, 2018 - A friend at the Airstream rally in Bastrop suggested we visit Creede.  He described it as a wonderful and welcoming town built up against a natural stone mountain and we found him to be quite accurate in his description.  With great planning and execution we were in Creede by 1 P.M. indeed, this tiny mining town was nestled right up against a huge stone outcrop the size of a mountain.   In the early 1920’s, Creede was alive with silver mines speculation. Prospectors came from everywhere and small communities were established to support the industry.  Soon however, it was determined the cost to extract did not live up to the return.  The great speculation turned into small mining operations and the little towns all died except for Creede.  

The RV park we stayed at was almost in town and was very nice with a laundry that puts any public laundromat to shame.  This place had a large dog park and even had a dog wash which included washer and dryer for your dog washables.   The sites were all clean and groomed each with a breathtaking view of the mountains overshadowing Creede.  We had arrived on a Sunday and most of the merchants in town were closed with the exception of two eateries.  The town of  Creede is made up of cute little artsy shops and galleries.  The main street ends at two gigantic stone walls leading into a passage between the mountains and past old mining buildings and mines themselves.  We saw an offer for a mine tour but it was closed on Sunday and besides, we had already done that in Bisbee.   

Chase cooperated well on the walk through Creede, stopping at anything that looks like a food bowl and wanting to meet any and every moving animal we might encounter.   We admired the little town very much and on the way back to Chappy we ordered up some barbecue sandwiches to take back to the campground where we could plan our stay in this beautiful area.  

The next morning the plan was to drive the Bachelor’s Loop which was a dirt road that led through the stone mountain passes in a loop that meandered back to downtown Creede.  It was a bit of a chore for Chappy as some of the inclines were fairly steep.  We made our way up past 10,500 feet and finally made it to the top. On the way back down we passed through five or six areas where real estate had been sold, possibly as a claim as we had seen advertised and the new owners were busy putting in access roads, etc.  Past the privately owned area we started descending  a very steep hill and came into what was apparently a large mining operation in the heyday of mining for silver.  Large wooden structures were hanging on the side of the mountains obviously used in the extraction of ore.  A large trestle made of huge wooden beams extended four or five stories to another old building used to load the ore into a truck or a train car.  We finished the Bachelor’s Loop and drove back through Creede telling ourselves we would definitely come back to this unique place in Colorado.  After a quick tour of town we headed out for Red River, New Mexico.

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