Copper Breaks State Park

May 25, 26, 2018 - The drive to Copper Breaks was pleasant and scenic enough.  This part of the panhandle has interesting terrain ranging from open ranges to interesting mini mountains with escarpments and little canyons.  And just as interesting are the little towns you drive through.  

We had some extra time so we stopped at Caprock Canyons State Park and did a full drive through.  We had stopped there years ago but did not go into the park so this time we were seeing new stuff.  Right inside the entrance we encountered a herd of bison coming down a trail.  Chase was excited and wanted to go play with them.  Caprock was a lot like Palo Duro Canyon probably because they are close together but the color in Caprock Canyon seemed to be a deeper red.  There were a few hoodoo type formations and plenty of steep cliffs with the white bands striping the red rock as in Palo Duro.  The heat continued here so we didn’t do any hiking and soon got back on our route.  

At Quanah we needed to turn south but decided to tour the town first.  It is located between Childress and Vernon on Highway 287.  We found the usual turn of the 20th century downtown area with interesting buildings and architecture.  

Copper Breaks was about 13 miles south of Quanah and as we got closer we noticed the flat topography appeared to buckle up a little creating the “Copper Breaks” after which the park was named.  Green tints indicating copper deposits can bee seen throughout the park.  We had a good campsite and each one had a strange pyramid shaped shelter over the picnic table made from structural steel.  We got all set up and it began to spit rain a little.  We watched and judged everyone coming into the campground after 3 p.m. which is the time we think everyone should be at the campground in order to have a good experience.  It was pretty hot and muggy outside so we stayed in and watched television and read.  James decided to go take a shower and when he went out I watched as he walked out of sight and noticed a dark sky to the west of us.  I went back inside pulled the local radar up on my phone to see we were in the direct path!  Not only was the blob heading for us very red, there were two direction of travel boxes and they intersected right where we were!  I waited for James to get back and gave him an update as I pulled up the radar to show him.  A few minutes later it looked a little worse and we decided we’d better put our shoes on in case something happened.  The wind was rocking the van a little and all I could think of was the two 45’ long fifth wheels between us and the storm could come crashing into us if a tornado shows up.  The van started rocking a little more and I put Chase’s harness on and attached the leash while holding on tight.  We determined if it got any worse we should go strap ourselves into the front seats.  Fortunately things started calming down a little and in a little while we could go outside.  The skies were still very much alive with activity and we got some good pics.  

The next morning we drove on through the rest of the park and then headed back to the route to home.  A quick stop at Sonic got us fuel for the trip and we looked ahead to a four hour ride home.  As we cruised through Saint Jo we discussed the possibility of stopping at the meat market in Meunster for a couple ribeyes.  Majority ruled and that we did.  We pulled in the driveway and there before us was a month’s worth of grass growth but still it was good to be home.  

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