Capital Reef National Park

May 17, 18, 2018 - From Bryce Canyon our next destination was Capital Reef National Park.  Before we left Bryce we filled up on diesel and took advantage of a RV wash bay.  James sprayed as I wiped with the brush stick.  It took a little while but Chappy came out looking as shiny as a diamond in a goat’s ass.  

We programed Mel Tell-us to guide us to Sand Creek RV park in Torrey, Utah and he said it would be 135 miles starting with a left turn out of Bryce.  When we go to the turn there was a sign that said Capital Reef National Park pointing to the right.  We followed the sign and Mel recalculated and said it would now be 118 miles.  We were glad we did as the drive turned out to be absolutely beautiful!  We drove across the white rock formations which were actually molten magma from millions of years ago it actually looked like gooey soft serve ice cream pumped from a machine.  Some of it was acres in size and other formations was boulder size.  All uniquely shaped with lines formed as it was pushed up from the earth’s crust.  

We arrived in Torrey shortly after noon and once checking in we drove straight to Capital Reef.  This was probably the least visited of the big five national parks everyone says to see in Utah.  We’d been to Canyonlands and Arches National Parks the year before and they were both awesome.  Zion was pretty cool but we liked Bryce a little better.  Now Capital Reef was our last of the five to visit.  It seemed to have a little bit from Zion and Bryce and added in steep canyon walls and narrow washes between canyons.  We even took Chappy through a wash on a dirt road and really enjoyed it.  The park didn’t have many miles at all in paved roads but there were other dirt roads we could have taken however Chappy didn’t feel up to it.  Especially with his fresh wash job.  We had a nice picnic in one of the scenic turn outs and headed back to Sand Creek.  When we got back to the campsite I asked the owner if I could fly my drone and he said “sure go ahead”.  I took Mavic up for a 30 minute flight and took some pics of the campground and surrounding mountains.  We both were a little worn out so we had a delicious Trader Joe’s dinner and started looking at the rest of our trip and where we might stay and then hit the sack.  

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