Bryce Canyon National Park

May 16, 17, 2018 - We had a wonderful drive out of Zion National Park via the beautiful and curvy Zion-Mount Carmel Highway we drove in on and it was a bonus to see  see it again except from a different direction and a different time of day.  Shortly after we came out of Zion we stopped for breakfast at a retro style cafe where we filled our bellies.  

The drive to Bryce was a little over two hours so we took our time and enjoyed the scenery.  We ran into a traffic issue as we got within 14 miles of the park and were concerned we may encounter crowds.  Luckily it was only road work where they were alternating one lane.  As we got close to the park we saw some signs pointing to a place RVs should park to catch the shuttle.  This caused a panic for if we had to see the park from a shuttle we’d have to figure out what to do with Chase the camping dog.  

Our campground appeared right before you enter the park so we pulled in to register and I asked the lady at the desk about the shuttle situation.  She told me to ask the national park person in the kiosk just across the parking lot.  In the mean time James is reading through the RV park info where it said RV’s longer than 20’ were not allowed in the park.  We are 24’  We decided to go on to the park entrance and take our chances.  I presented my National Park Pass which once again saved us the $30 entrance fee and the ranger looked at me and said “welcome to Bryce”.  We were in.  

Bryce Canyon is comprised of over 35,000 acres and is not actually a canyon at all but it a series of amphitheaters along the eastern side of the Paunsaugunt Plateau.  Over the years rivers and streams have eroded the sedimentary rocks to form geological features called hoodoos.  The red and white colors of the hoodoos make them very pleasing to view.  We drove all the way into the park to the last viewing point and then started our way back stopping at each viewing point and pull out to take in the hoodoos.  We saw some arches as well.  The day was beautiful and since we were around 8000 to 9000 feet up (much higher than Zion) the temperature was in the low 60’s.  We looked at the weather forecast for the evening and it predicted the low to be at 35 degrees!  Time to get out the blanket!  At each of the subsequent stops back out of the park we saw more spectacular hoodoo formations and before long we were saying “ADH”  (another damn hoodoo).  This was an acronym we picked up from Helen Poe who used to say ADC (another damn church) when she toured in Europe.  Just like seeing another damn church is still pleasant today we thought seeing another damn hoodoo was good too.  Fortunately the crowds were light and we only had a problem with parking at one viewpoint.  After a full day of sightseeing we headed back to our campsite and the general store next door to stock up on supplies.  

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